Taking Storage To New Heights!™

The Need for Garage Storage

The lack of garage storage space is a problem no one should live with! Homeowners are forced to pay for self-storage facilities or live with the clutter and turmoil. Don’t Agonize, organize, we have the solution! TUFFRAX is a multi-patented garage overhead storage rack that will help you regain valuable floor space, get organized today and park the car where it belongs…the garage!


Why Overhead Storage Racks

There are different ways to organize a garage. You can install wall cabinets, panels and shelves.  What if you need to store bikes, seasonal items, skies, tools, toys, storage bins, files, books, ladders, surfboards, sports, camping and fishing gear, etc…, what do you do? Get TUFFRAX overhead storage rack! These innovative ceiling hanging shelves utilize your unused garage ceiling space as extra storage to store just about anything.  Buy TUFFRAX today!