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You pull up to your driveway, click on the garage door opener and steadily the door rises unveiling a state of extreme mess and confusion. Frustrated you lock the car knowing that, once again, it will be left outside unguarded from the elements, vandalism or theft. You enter the garage stepping over tools, kid’s toys, golf clubs, camping gear, suitcases, bikes, workout equipment and other stuff. To your neighbors it is an eye sore and to you a headache. As you finally reach the door that leads to your house, you quickly open it and enter your home agonizing over the mess in your disorganized and untidy garage! Does this sound familiar? Everyone knows at least one person with this problem.

Storage space is a commodity of which there just isn’t enough. Homeowners are forced to pay for self-storage facilities or live with the turmoil in their garage. There is a solution! A multi-patented storage system called TUFFRAX® can help you regain valuable floor space, get organized and park your car where it belongs…the garage! The TUFFRAX® Supreme Super heavy duty overhead storage racks suspend from the ceiling, effectively utilizing unused and wasted ceiling space as valuable storage. Homeowners can choose from 8 different sizes and 3 different depths with an adjustable height from 20” to 40” adjusted in ½ in increments. The TUFFRAX® ceiling shelves are made of durable 10 and 14 gauge high quality super strong industrial grade steel that are powder coated white to protect against rust. TUFFRAX® is a leading multi-patented storage system with many proprietary features not found in other competing products! TUFFRAX® is truly the toughest, safest, strongest, smartest and most trusted garage overhead storage rack…guaranteed!

All TUFFRAX® units can be suspended anywhere in the garage whether it is has a dry walled ceiling, exposed joists or angled ceilings. The larger sized can hold 1200 pounds, if your ceiling support structure can support it. The company recommends not exceed 700 pounds of storage per unit for residential garages. TUFFRAX® is a perfect and affordable compliment to your garage even if you already have garage cabinets or are planning to install cabinets because with TUFFRAX, you can storage bulky or seasonal items that do not fit in garage cabinets. Spectrum Innovations, Inc., the global distributor of TUFFRAX®, has helped hundreds of homeowners with single and multiple car garages by organizing their garages with the TUFFRAX® storage solution! The overhead storage systems take advantage of wasted ceiling space and provide up to 105 cubic feet of storage space. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the units come with easy to follow installations instruction. If you would like more information, please visit www.tuffrax.com.

Don’t procrastinate, visit the website or call your local Authorized TUFFRAX® Dealer today and see for yourself why the TUFFRAX® overhead storage system is simply the toughest, safest, strongest, smartest and most trusted super heavy duty overhead storage system on the market today…guaranteed!

– Kathy Langley, Lifestyle Magazine

If you’re like many homeowners, your car has never seen the inside of your garage. Because most of us don’t have attics or basements, that big space that’s either attached to your home or sits at the end of your driveway has likely become one giant storage closet. And don’t even think about trying to dig out those old golf clubs or the lawnmower you bought last year. Those things are held prisoner by all the clutter that seems to multiply on a weekly basis.

Tackling a garage that’s been the family dumping ground for several years can be daunting. The first step is finding out how you plan to use the garage and determining whether that’s a realistic expectation. Take a look at the physical space of your garage to see its attributes. For example, do you have finished walls and ceiling? What’s your lighting like? It’s a big bonus if you have off-site storage. And before actually purchasing anything, consider your goals for the project and determine what’s right for your budget.

Providing a parking space for your cars may be one reason to clear out your garage, but some people get a little more creative with all that space. Gone are the days of using the extra space in your garage for just a laundry room or a workbench area. From craft rooms to play areas for kids to a workout area to a place for your teenagers to hang out, your garage has the potential to be the spare room you’ve always wanted. One of the easiest ways to transform your garage into a more comfortable space is to upgrade the flooring. Flooring: from NASCAR style tiles to soft and comfy.

Most garage floors are just a simple concrete slab but you can make that area much more appealing by upgrading the flooring. Garage floor coating will resist oil, dirt, water and grease. The installation process takes four to five days for a two-car garage. Of course, if you’re not planning to park your car in the garage, you might look into more comfortable flooring choices, such as carpeting or a padded modular floor covering. If you plan to create a play area for your kids, padded flooring is an ideal option. It’s soft and cushioned, so if your little one falls he won’t be hitting a hard surface. Soft floors are also good if you plan to use the garage as a craft-making area or a workout room. And it’s very easy to install. The pieces fit together like a puzzle and can be removed and relocated with very little effort. Storage systems: safe, accessible, and great looking.

Now that you’ve chosen your flooring, it’s time to think about ceiling storage. Michael Baez, inventor and owner of TUFFRAX Supreme Super Heavy Duty Overhead Storage, explained that mounting storage racks around the perimeter of your ceiling and above the door is a great way to get things off the garage floor and keep your items safe and organized. “You can add storage to areas that are normally unused in the garage so you can free up the floor space to park your car,” he said.

Baez’s product is multi-patented and is the only ceiling rack system on the market with a ceiling to unit front and rear center posts to prevent the system from bending when placing your heavy loads on the units. The shelves come in a variety of sizes to fit most garage configurations, are rust and corrosion-proof, and can withstand heavy items. You can see it for yourself at www.tuffrax.com.

– Del Mar News

Professional organizer Jana Hartwell, has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) for over nine years and currently serves as both interim vice president and membership director. She’s also the owner of Sensible Organizing Solutions. Hartwell suggests using well-marked plastic containers to store things that you need to access once or twice a year, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothing. “People are using more clear plastic tubs for storage instead of cardboard boxes that attract rats and dust, and don’t hold up well in damp weather,” she said.

Hartwell also points out that, before investing in a new storage system, you should check to see if there are any old shelves or cabinets in your home that are not being used. For example, if you’ve remodeled your kitchen your old kitchen cabinets could be mounted on your garage wall and used for storage. Or maybe you have a few old bookshelves taking up space in the house, or even a few old filing cabinets in your office. But, if that’s not the case, there are several storage solutions to choose from.

One of the latest garage storage trends is armoire-style cabinetry with two long doors that open on each side and plenty of shelving inside. If you don’t want all the things you’re storing to be out in plain view, or you have a lot of athletic equipment that might roll off a shelf, cabinet doors make your garage not only more attractive, but also much safer. And here’s another tip: mount your shelving a few inches above the floor to protect your things from spills or flooding.

Roof space, the final frontier

Additionally, some garages have three to four feet of extra space above the ceiling and inside the roof. By adding an attic ladder, you can access this additional storage space, but be cautioned that this area should not be used for heavy items that would put stress on the ceiling. It’s also recommended that you create a separate storage solution for any dangerous chemicals, such as paint and cleaning fluids. This way, pets and children are unlikely to be able to access them. This also holds true for sharp objects like tools and gardening or grilling equipment.

Whatever you decide to do with your garage, planning is the key to a successful outcome. Take time to do the research and give yourself at least a week to complete the project. Remember, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. See if any of your friends or neighbors have organized their garages. They’ll probably have a few good tips for you. Plus, the Internet is a great place for ideas. And if you ever find that lawnmower, be sure to let us know.

– Don Kirkpatrick, Home Magazine

Q&A: Michael Baez; owner, TUFFRAX® Garage Overhead Storage Systems

April 2, 2007
Michael Baez, a former engineer, designed his own overhead garage storage product after having a negative experience with a product he purchased at a home improvement store in 2002. Baez says his design, called TUFFRAX®, can support up to 1,200 pounds and is the only overhead storage product that comes with a ceiling to unit center posts that prevent the system from bending in the middle when placing heavy items on the rack..

How do customers and distributors find out about TUFFRAX®?

Michael: A lot of times, people come to us on a retail basis, but this year we are making a really concerted effort to look for dealers throughout the US and Canada. A dealer can be any contractor, retail or service business that would like to offer their customers an innovative product that will help them utilize unused ceiling space for extra storage while at the same time help the dealer profit from it. For example, garage cabinet and flooring companies are now aware that more and more people are starting to get smarter about need to organize their garage and overhead storage will help them do just that! So when these businesses go to their customers and they are asking for ceiling racks, the business start to realize they are going to need an overhead storage system. The customers like the TUFFRAX® brand, and they start calling us. So we get customers both ways – we go after them and they come to us.

How much does TUFFRAX® cost?

Michael: The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the TUFFRAX® overhead storage for our largest size, 4 feet by 8 feet, is $369. However, all of our dealers are offering it at a significant discount, depending in where you live.

Have you been an entrepreneur before this?

Michael: I tried a lot of different things, while I kept my day job!

What are your goals for the company in the future?

Michael: Besides organizing people’s lives and helping the create space to park their cars in the garage, what we’re also doing is helping other entrepreneurs put themselves in business. We’ve created a great product value add for our dealers and we hope to continue to do that. It’s a business niche that’s growing tremendously. Storage and organization in itself is a billion-dollar industry by all reports that we read. I think our goal is to be on the cutting edge on that part of the industry and to continue to develop new and innovative products. We don’t know what the future may bring, but we do have a plan to strive to be the Number one high heavy duty garage overhead system.

What does your timeline for the future look like?

Michael: We’re already talking with people on the East Coast that want to carry our product. If it’s the right company and the right people, we could be on the East Coast next month. We have to have steady controlled growth though because we’re completely self-financed. So, we need to fast but carefully, while at the same time retain control of our company. It is called managed controlled.

How many storage devices have you sold?

Michael: In the three years we have been in business, with all of our dealers, not just in San Diego, we’ve done over 30,000 units. We get a lot of referral business from the neighbors next door or the Web site. With that said, I’m hoping that we can break the 100,000 units sold by the end of next year. That would be awesome.

– David Berlin, Union Tribune